The TCARC Prairieland FM Sprint is a one-hour event to provide radio amateurs in east-central Illinois the chance test their abilities to make FM simplex contacts in the area on the 2 meter band.

This event is held four times per calendar year, always on a Sunday evening. It is a great chance to engage in some ham radio fun while developing your skills, with minimal time investment. Whether you are interested in bettering your skills for emergency communications/ARES, being competitive in a local radiosport contest, or simply testing propagation in search of long-haul contacts on VHF, the TCARC Prairieland FM Sprint offers all hams in the area the chance to enjoy some ham radio time on a Sunday evening and build relationships with other hams in the area.

Next Prairieland FM Sprint: October 24, 2021 7-8pm Illinois time

2022 dates: January 20 – April 24 – July 31 – October 30

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