Twin City Amateur Radio Club
Champaign-Urbana, Illinois


Club Repository Folders

We keep a lot of our information in club's repository folders on our Google Drive. You must request access to these folders.

  1. Only club board members and club members who are working on something related to the club will have access to these files.

  2. Only use the Google Chome browser. Other browsers may work, but in testing we found others that did not work well.

  3. Log into your gmail/Google account in your Google Chrome browser

  4. Open the link below to go to the action folders. If you do not have permission to read and edit the files, you will be prompted to request permission.

  5. In the folders you will see READ_ME.odt files. Please read these files to ensure you know what you are doing in each folder. If you have any questions, please ask.


Annual Auction Folders

The auction folder includes the auction Google Sheets and documents related to running the auction. Also there past years auction results starting with the 2019 auction.


Full Repository

This link is the root of the full club repository. This link has access to all of the files.